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Daily Five and Guided Reading 

January 2016 – PETE&C

“Super charge your Daily Five and Guided Reading experience with technology resources.”

Building a Positive School Culture

October 2015 – Edscape

“A positive school culture is an essential component of a successful school. The building community: administrators, teachers, students, and parents, play an integral role in creating a climate where learning can thrive. This session will focus on developing criteria and strategies to foster a successful school culture.”

Non-Negotiables of Professional Development

October 2015 – Edscape

“Engage in a discussion around non-negotiables for a successful professional development experience. This collegial discourse is focused on developing learning experiences that promote sustainable change within an organization.”

Common Core Math and Technology

February 2015 – PETE & C

“In this session we will explore the breakdown of inquiry-based or Common Core math lessons in a way that is simple, effective, and easily applicable to daily instruction in the classroom. We will look at various iOS apps and Web 2.0 resources, which can be used to promote effective inquiry-based mathematics and a successful shift to the Common Core. The focus of the session will be at the elementary level, but information can be applied to all grades.”

Resource Document

Daily Five and Guided Reading

February 2015 – PETE & C, November 2013 – NYSCATE 

“In this session, we will examine how technology can be used in order to enhance guided reading and The Daily 5 (a structure that helps students develop the daily habits of reading, writing, and working independently) at the elementary level. We will look at various iOS apps and web 2.0 resources, which can be used to promote an effective approach to balanced literacy.”

Resource Document


December 2014 – KTI Event CLIU 21

Staying connected to motivated, inspirational educators in essential in our changing times. This session will focus on tips and tricks for building a successful PLN.

Digital Citizenship for Our Digital World

October 2014 – Lehigh Mobile Learning and Teaching Summit 

“Helping our students grow into successful citizens has always been a focus in K-12 schools. As more digital tools are introduced in our classrooms, the environment has changed. Teaching digital citizenship is an essential piece in a mobile learning classroom. Learn and discuss methods for fostering digital citizens.”

Pop the Question – Student Centered Questioning

Summer/Fall 2014 – East Penn School District

This session focused on the Question Formulation Technique from the Right Question Institute.

Project Based Websites

February 2013 – Pete & C

“Explore how custom-made and interactive Flash-based websites can literally change the way in which you conduct your classroom projects. Rather than starting off a project by distributing multiple handouts, place all of your information on an engaging website that acts as a ‘one stop shop’ for all project-related needs.”

PBL: Yes I Can! 

August 2012 – East Penn School District

This presentation was shared during two district based professional development sessions. Teachers were provided an overview of Project Based Learning planning using the Understanding By Design framework.

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