Instructional Resources

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Core Six

The Core Six: Essential Strategies for Achieving Excellence with the Common Core

Harvey F. Silver, R. Thomas Dewing, & Matthew J. Perini

I really like this text, because it offers straight forward, easy to implement strategies for the the classroom. The resources provide a synopsis of each strategy and graphic organizers and printables.


Daily 5

The Daily 5: Fostering Literacy Independence in the Elementary Grades

Gail Boushey, Joan Moser – The “Sisters”

This is a popular literacy instruction structure for elementary and intermediate grades. The link above provides classroom posters to assist with managing a Daily 5 classroom.

In addition, Ross Cooper (@rosscoops31) and I compiled technology resources for a presentation on Daily 5 and Guided Reading at NYSCATE 13.

Daily 5 and Guided Reading Technology Tools

Document of Resources

Metacognative Strategies

Strategies that Work: Teaching Comprehension for Understanding and Engagement

Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis

The files above are classroom posters based on the strategies presented in the text.

Project Based Learning

Materials based on research from the Buck Institute and Understanding by Design.

Twitter Templates

Templates for digital citizenship classroom lessons or imitation Twitter projects.

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