Hacking PBL

Through December I’ll be publishing 5 posts in preparation for the release of our upcoming book, Hacking Project Based Learning, which was written with Ross Cooper (@rosscoops31) and will be released this December. For book updates, subscribe (use the link to the right)!  #HackingPBL

Below are the links to the posts released so far:

Busting 5 Myths of Inquiry-Based Learning
Is The Classroom Culture Ready For PBL?
PBL Paralysis: 4 Symptoms and Remedies (EdWeek)
The Five Ws of Direct Instruction During PBL

As an added bonus, here are the posts co-author Ross Cooper has released in his series. After all are written and published, they will be compiled as an eBook:

Chapter 1: Reimagining Learning Spaces with Design Thinking
Chapter 2: Should we grade 21st century skills?
Chapter 3: 5 Ways to Avoid Project Based Learning Fluff
Chapter 4: 10 Ways to Rethink Your Project Based Learning Directions
Chapter 5: Inquiry-Based Learning’s Impact on Professional Development
Chapter 6: 5 Reasons Your Rubric Needs a Makeover
Chapter 7: 5 Simple Ways to Give Students Feedback During Project Based Learning