First Year Out of the Classroom – Some Thoughts

In my first year out of the classroom serving as my district’s technology coach, I learned a lot about my district and about myself. I definitely felt the ups and downs of the role, but one of my absolute favorite things about the position was getting to learn more about my colleagues. I was able to connect with many new people. Not having a “home” in a specific building was a little unsettling at times, but I think my “outsider” status encouraged teachers to share their thoughts and concerns with me. It was like getting a birds-eye view of the district. I heard feedback from teachers in every building – kindergarten through twelfth grade.

The thing I missed the most this year was the opportunity to work with parents. This is a non-negotiable change for next year. I must find away to reengage with families. I realize that will look different in my new role. So, I have been brainstorming ideas. Any suggestions are welcome. Parent nights seem like an obvious solution, but I wonder how best to market those opportunities? I have also noticed that primary teachers often assign a parent to oversee a technology based center. For example, in a second grade classroom, students wrote a story in a Google Presentation. During their center, they were locating a picture to add to their slide. I happened to be in the room and was able to help the parent with the first few. If this was going to be a typical occurrence in the teacher’s classroom, perhaps we could offer a “training session” for the parents involved.

Being just one person and serving seven elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school was definitely a challenge. The three pages below allowed me to provide information to the masses and encouraged teachers to connect with me.

Tech Blog


Instructional Resources 

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