Have you hugged a stranger lately?


When was the last time you walked up to someone you never met before and hugged them? Maybe never? Even crazier still, have you ever thanked a stranger for all of their work and support? Well, I had that opportunity this weekend at EdCamp Philly.

Attending EdCamp was like walking through a three dimensional projection of my Twitter feed. I have learned and grown with the members of my PLN over the last two years. I greatly appreciate the real life experiences, stories, and lessons shared through their blogs and twitter feeds, but I loved the opportunity to learn from them face-to-face.

Avoid the Pigeonhole

I like to consider myself a connected educator. However, through my EdCamp experience I discovered that I might be focusing too much in one particular area. Being a bit of tech nerd, I tend to gravitate to sessions, blogs, and resources focused on ed tech. At EdCamp a member of my PLN, Dr. Kevin Kelly (@EmmausKevinK) offered a session on crisis response. As an aspiring administrator, I found the session informative and engaging, and I was glad I stepped outside my norm.

#EdCampPhilly Take Aways

EdPuzzle – “Turn any video into your lesson.” Embed questions or comments into a video and track students viewing progress. Thanks @Mr_H204

What happens after the evacuation? Does your staff know how to respond to media? Reiterate often the action plan for “telling the story.”

Be sure you know who to contact when a “common” emergency occurs in your building – additional guidance counselors, psychologists, etc.


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