Running – A Quiet Place

phoeberunningI hate to run.

To be fair, I am not sure I was designed to be athletic in anyway. I had dual knee replacements at the age of 14, so the man upstairs clearly had other plans for me. Nonetheless, I had a baby at the end of February and my gym closed at the end of March. Without another viable option and limited time, I grabbed my headphones and hit the pavement. I am confident I look ridiculous while running, but I am beginning not to care.

It is quiet.

How many times in our busy, exciting, intense, fun, stressful, rewarding lives do we ever experience quiet? No questions. No interruptions. No fires to put out. Just the thoughts.

I have been inspired to write again. I dreamt up concepts for professional development and ideas for classroom lessons. It is amazing what my brain is capable of when I limit my multitasking to running and thinking. Unable to type up a note or send myself an e-mail, I am forced to think through an idea and refine it, before I marry it to text. I love my connectedness. I know I have learned an infinite amount from my PLN. But running has given me a time and place to reconnect with myself. Perhaps that is a cheesy sentiment, but I think I need the reminder.


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