Classroom Environment in a Digital World

I am obviously a huge proponent of digital learning experiences – it is my job security. I believe technology offers our students opportunities they need to become thinkers and problem solvers in the real world. I have witnessed technology resources revive a completely disengaged student and give voice to a student afraid to speak her mind. However, I have noticed a disappointing trend in the last few years. It seems as we bulk up our classroom tech, the physical environment becomes a bit sparse. Is digital content a replacement for an enticing physical classroom environment?

I am not sure there is an easy answer to that question. Time is always our greatest enemy, but I believe balance is the key. There are a few classroom ideas that have stood out to me recently. I believe they support a healthy classroom community and  the skills important to building successful citizens – online and offline:

Celebrate Reading

Whether it is digital text, magazine, or a novel.


Set Goals and Share Them

Setting a goal is not a sign of weakness. Help shift that mindset.


Connect Real World and Digital World

Model. Model. Model.

20140425-135545.jpg   20140425-135537.jpg

Make Messes

Messes are a classroom’s way of saying, “kids are learning here.”

20140429-131028.jpg      20140429-131038.jpg


Even if you aren’t playing the instrument.



Relevant and accessible.


Art Work

Big or small. Simple or complex.



Other thoughts about classroom environments? I would love to discuss them. Please start a conversation in the comments.


Thank you to @jendisk@twocrazyweims, and @juleloves2write for letting me photograph your classrooms!

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