Blogging – A Stream of Consciousness

I joined Twitter in 2011, but I did not write my first post until 2012. It took until January 2013 for me to fully engage in the Twitter-verse. Now, I understand why Twitter is an essential part of my professional learning, and feel foolish for taking so long to commit. Which is why I feel I cannot wait any longer to begin blogging. I read blogs constantly, and I feel lucky to be connected with such intelligent, insightful people. Perhaps that is part of my delay… do I really have anything worthwhile to share? What if no one reads what I write? What if people read it and hate it? I spent most of my formative years involved in theater. Acting shy and fearing judgement has never been part of my personality. So I figure, why let it get in the way now? And I have always been open to critical feedback and new learning. And thus, I present my blog.

Some of my first posts will relate to the Mindset, by Carol Dweck, book study I am participating in.

Please leave feedback or ideas.


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